Flitchstock Veneer

What is Flitchstock Wood Veneer?

In woodworking, veneer refers to thin slices of wood, usually thinner than 3 mm (1/8 inch), that typically are glued onto core panels to produce flat panels such as doors, tops and panels for cabinets, floors, and parts of furniture. They are also used in marquetry.

Marwood has a wide variety of veneers available, including exotics and domestics. From quartered and highly figured to flat cut and no figure, our wood veneers have the texture, color, thickness, and shape you need to finish any of your project needs. We are getting new items in all the time, so give us a call and we can help you pick which ones will fit your need.

Check out our skateboard and longboard veneer in various sizes, colors, and even exotic and domestic packs here.

Also check out our Special Offers page HERE, which shows items we are offering at a special rate currently!

Please click on a species name below for details, photos, and additional information on our in stock  flitchstock veneers.

Ash American Veneer
Backing Veneer
Bamboo Veneer 1/16″ Caramel – Face Grade – Item 1405
Beech – Steamed
Birch Veneer, White
Bloodwood Veneer – $0.36 psf
Cedar – Eastern, Red – $0.30 psf
Cherry Veneer, 1/16″
Cherry Veneer, 1/24″
Cherry Veneer – 1/48″
Cherry Single Bundles
Chestnut Burl Veneer
Cumaru Veneer – $0.42
Curupixa Veneer
Cypress Veneer
Cypress Veneer, Sinker 1/38″
Decorative Longboard Veneer Packs – 12 x 48 inches
Orange Dyed Poplar Veneer
Dyed Green – Leaf Color
1/24″ Dyed Black – Poplar Veneer
1/48″ Dyed Black Veneer, Sliced Poplar
Dyed Navy Blue Veneer
Aqua Blue Dyed Poplar Veneer
Dyed Red Pure, Sliced Poplar
Dyed Red Rose, Sliced Poplar
Dyed Gray, Sliced Poplar
Dyed Green Veneer, Sliced Poplar – Forest Green Color
Dyed Lime Green Veneer
Yellow Dyed Poplar Veneer
Ebony Veneer, Macassar
Ebony, Striped – Recon
Elm Burl, Cluster & Swirl – $0.24 psf
Eucalyptus Veneer, Quarters
Exotic Veneer Packs – For Skateboards and More – 10 x 36 inches
Fir Veneer
Goncalo Alves Veneer – FC Tigerwood
Goncalo Alves Veneer – Quarter Cut
Gum, Red – Figured
Holly Veneer
Ipe Veneer – $0.39 psf
Jatoba Veneer
Dyed Koto – Dyed Pink
Lacewood Veneer – $0.54 psf
Laurel Burl Veneer
Mahogany, African F/C
Mahogany, African Quarters 1/16″
Mahogany, Honduras Flat Cut
Mahogany, Honduras Qtrs 1/42″
Mahogany Crotch Veneer
Maple Veneer – Plain Sliced 1/48″
Maple, 1/16″ Color Dyed
Maple Veneer, Rotary 1/16″ & 1/20″ – Skateboards, Furniture, and More
Maple Veneer – 1/16″ Sliced
Maple Veneer, 1/24″
Maple Cluster Veneer
Oak Veneer, Red 1/16″
Oak Veneer, Red 1/24″
Oak Veneer, Red 1/42″
Oak, White 1/16 – Flat Cut
Oak, White 1/16 – Rift Cut
White Oak Veneer – Flat Cut 1/48″
Oak – Assorted Bundles – $0.05 psf
Oak, White 1/24″
Oak Veneer, Rift White – 1/48″
Pau Ferro Veneer
Pimento (Pepper) Burl Veneer
Sinker Heart Pine-River Recovered – Antique Old Growth Reclaimed
Poplar – 1/16″ – Sliced
Poplar Veneer – Rotary – Cut to size
Poplar, Sliced 1/24″
Poplar – 1/42 Sliced
Purpleheart Veneer
Roble Oak Burl
Rosewood, Brazilian
Rosewood Santos Veneer – Flat Cut
Rosewood, Santos – Quarters
Sapele Veneer
Sucupira Veneer – $0.24 psf
Sycamore Veneer
Sycamore, Dyed White
Walnut Veneer 1/16″
Walnut Veneer, 1/24″
Walnut Veneer, 1/48″ Plain Sliced
Walnut Burl Veneer
Walnut Stump Veneer
Walnut Crotch Veneer
Walnut Veneer, Quarters – $0.60
Zircote Veneer

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