Mahogany, Honduras Qtrs 1/42″

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Scientific Name: Swietenia Macrophylla

Other Names: Tropical American Mahogany, Peruvian, Nicaraguan

Source:  Mexico, Brazil, Peru and Central America (especially Honduras).

Color:  Varies from a light reddish or yellowish-brown to a rich dark red, depending upon country of origin and situation.  The most common supply is yellowish-tan, changing on brief exposure to rich, golden brown.

Pattern:  a variety of figures, similar to African Mahogany except crotches are not readily available.

Characteristics:  Mostly straight-grained but even when interlocked is exceptionally stable.  Good strength properties; works well; stains and finishes well; durable and decay-resistant.

Uses:  Excellent for Furniture and paneling, fine joinery, boats and ships, pattern-making, exteriors.

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