Pau Ferro Veneer

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PAU FERRO VENEER is also known as Santos Rosewood Veneer

Scientific Name:  Machaerium spp.

Other names: Pau Ferro, Morado, Moradillo, and Bolivian Rosewood.

Source: Bolivia and Brazil.

Color:   Heartwood lustrous, chocolate brown, red, pink, dark violet, and black, often streaked with black.

Pattern:  Straight to irregular grain, medium fine to coarse textured. Often looks similar to Brazilian Rosewood.Occasionally it will have the interlocking “landscape” designs, mottle figure, as well as “ears”.

Characteristics:  Fine textured, Heavy, hard, compact, with small pores barely visable.

Uses:  Furniture flooring, cabinetwork, interiors, plywood, speaker cabinets, musical instruments, and specialty items.

Santos Rosewood shares many characteristics of true rosewoods including its colors, working properties, and density. It glues better and is less expensive than other true rosewoods.

Santos Rosewood is not a true rosewood as the scientific name does not have Dalbergia in it, but rather it is a part of the Macherium genus which has about a dozen species. Originating mainly from Bolivia and surrounding countries. The origin of the name Santos Rosewood, comes from the port of Santos in Brazil, where it was shipped out of.  This is very high grade, beautiful material!

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Item ID: 5570
Species Name: Machaerium spp.
Other Names: Cavinua, Jacaranda Pardo, and Rosewood Santos
Source: Bolivia and Brazil
Color: Heartwood brown to dark violet-brown and often streaked.
Pattern: Straight to irregular grain and medium fine to coarse textured.
Characteristics: Heavy, hard, and moderately strong.
Uses: Furniture, flooring, cabinetwork, interiors, and decorative veneer.

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