International Page for Skateboard and Longboard Veneer Shipments

  1. Standard Sizes – We carry 5 standard sizes with sanded faces in stock.
    9.5×35 inches = 24 x 89 cm
    11×44 inches = 28 x 122 cm
    12×40 inches = 30 x 102 cm
    12×45 inches = 30 x 114 cm
    12×48 inches = 30 x 122 cm
  1. Custom sizes can be produced on orders of 350 (50 decks) or more pieces.
  2. Our standard thickness is 1/16 inch, or about 1.5 mm.  We also stock 1.25 and 1.0 mm in crossband grades for the skateboard size.
  3. Minimum Order – The minimum order for overseas shipments is typically 250 decks, or 1,750 pieces.  Otherwise  the shipping cost will typically be more than the cost of the veneer
  4. Perhaps the best minimum Economic Ordering Quantity for international shipments is 500 decks worth of veneer. Typically 500 decks would be 3,500 pieces.
  5. 1/16 x 9.5 x 35” pieces would be in 2 crates and weigh approximately 975 Kilograms (2,149 pounds) The 2 crates would be about 2.82 cubic meters. (43x43x52 and 43x43x41 inches)  The veneer for this size order costs $3,710 or $1.06 per sheet of veneer FOB Marwood.
Market Partners –  We have experience shipping to Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, England, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain and Switzerland. If you would like to buy from our partners  in the above countries, please contact  Jim Martin at or phone us at +1-812-288-8344. Many thanks for your interest in our products.  We look forward to hearing more from you.