Walnut Veneer 1/16″

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Walnut Veneer 1/16

Walnut Veneer 1/16, Thick Walnut Veneer, Dark wood, Hardwood, Veneer

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This special Walnut Veneer 1/16 is perfect for furniture, cabinetwork, interiors, floorings, turnings, novelties, gun stocks, decorative veneer, and all of your woodworking needs. Furthermore, the detail in this dark wood, sometimes called Black Walnut Veneer, is beautiful! Most of all, the timeless look of dark wood provides unmatched elegance. As a result, your woodworking will have a finished glow that can’t be beat.


Scientific Name: Juglans nigra

Common Names:  Black Walnut

Source:  Eastern USA and Southern Canada

Color: Sapwood whitish to yellowish-brown to rich chocolate-brown will darken when steamed; heartwood light gray-brown to rich chocolate-brown to deep purplish-brown

Pattern:  Straight to interlocked or curly, wavy grained; medium to coarse textured.

Characteristics:  Moderately heavy, hard, strong.

Uses:  Furniture, cabinetwork, interiors, floorings, turnings, novelties, gunstocks, decorative veneer. Stiles and rails for stave core doors.

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Item ID: 7193
Other Names: Black Walnut

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