Zircote Veneer

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Item ID           7710


Scientific Name: Cordia dodecandra

Other Names:    Siricote, Canalete, Laurel, Freijo, Peterebi  

Growing Regions:   Mexico to Argentina   

Color:   Sapwood is creamy white to yellow brownish, matt heartwood is dark red-brown with irregular dark brown and deep black zones.

Pattern:  Fine textured, very lustrous surface.  Some flitches have spider webbing, some swirls, some clouds and layers upon layers. It can have stunning looks.

Characteristics:   Very decorative. Grain often interlocking, moderately hard and heavy. Can have beautiful brown and black landscape designs and islands.  It can be prone to checking.

Uses:  Furniture, interior decoration, cabinetwork.


Item ID: 7710

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