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Item ID: 3600
Species Name: Tieghemella heckelii
Other Names: African Cherry, Baku, and Cherry Mahogany.
Source: African gold coast and Nigeria
Color: Pinkish-brown to blood-red or red brown
Pattern: Somewhat similar to a close-grained Mahogany but with dark red growth lines and smaller pores as found in Cherry. Some logs are straight-grained and show figure like African Mahogany stripes, while other logs have a striking, checkered figure sometimes streaked with darker color.
Characteristics: Finer texture, denser, harder, and heavier than true Mahoganies. It is tough, durable, stiff, strong, gummy, and lustrous. It comes in large sizes, glues well, and works fairly easy.
Uses: Furniture and Cabinetry

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ID # Description
3600 Log: 6761-18C - $0.28 psf
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