Rosewood, Brazilian

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Scientific Name: Dalbergia Nigra

Other names: Jacarand, Rio Rosewood, Bahia Rosewood

Source: Brazil’s Atlantic Coast Forest

Color:   Various shades of dark brown, orange, salmon, chocolate, to violet; conspicuous black streaks.

Pattern:  Streaks of dark brown or black pigment lines

Characteristics:  Rather large pores are exceedingly irregular both in size and position.

Uses:  Furniture, cabinetwork, panels, and musical instruments.

Status: Brazilian rosewood is listed in CITES Appendix I, which is the most restrictive appendix, and also includes finished products made of the wood. Pre-Cites stock can still be traded in the U.S. without restrictions, but exporting it requires CITES permits.

While we don’t have any in stock, we know of flitches that are available.  Let us know your specifications and we can try to source it for you.


Item ID: 6000

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