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Harwood Forestry Fund

Marwood has been been a proud partner of the Hardwood Forestry Fund (HFF) of Reston, Virginia since 1991. The HFF has planted more than 4.5 million trees in 22 U.S. states and four foreign countries. $1,353,000 in grants has been awarded, and 7,480 acres have been planted.  The HFF is dedicated to establishing sustainable hardwood forests.  Through tree planting and implementation of forest management techniques on public land, the Hardwood Forestry Fund promotes hardwood timber growth, management, environmental education, and wise use of our nation’s renewable forest resources. Trees planted by the Hardwood Forestry Fund require a management plan that ensures they will be cared for to provide quality natural resources for future generations. Educational and demonstration forests help teach students and private landowners how to establish and be good stewards of hardwood forests. If you want to learn more or help plant forests, call the Hardwood Forestry Fund at 877-HFF-TREE (877-433-8733) choose option 3 or visit them online at

One example of an HFF Project we supported is the Larry R. Frye Heritage Forest.  In 2005, Marwood worked to help dedicate this planting in the Clark State Forest, which is located in our home county of Clark County, Indiana. 9,500 seedlings of  black walnut, black cherry, and red oak were planted on 10 acres to honor Mr. Frye.  The Hardwood Forestry Fund named the project in honor of Larry Frye, who was the Executive Director of the Fine Hardwood Veneer Association for many decades, and Director of the American Walnut Council as well.

Larry Frye Forest Dedication Ceremony - Eco Friendly Left to right: Barbara McClendon, Jim Martin, Bernie Fischer, Larry Frye, John Grunwald, and Bill Altman

Eco Friendly Forest Dedication Demonstration Walnut Plantation

The Hardwood Forestry Fund partnered with the Jane Goodall Institute(JGI) in 1999 to plant 16,000 seedlings of four native Tanzania tree species (Afzelia, African Blackwood, African Mahogany, and Mininga) in the Kitwe Forest in Tanzania,near her research on chimpanzees in the Gombe Forest.

Eco Friendly Forest in Tanzania Eco Friendly- Jane Goodall Kitwe Forest

In 2009 Jim Martin, President of Marwood and HFF board member, visited the forest in 2009 noting that 11,731 seedlings had survived!

HFF african mahogany planting in Kitwe Tanzania jul 2011- Eco Friendly

After 50 years at the Gombe, Jane Goodall reports that,

“Small scale farmers who live on Gombe’s border are encouraged to grow a coffee-bean variety that prefers shade, thus preserving the forest canopy and chimpanzee habitat. Through assistance from JGI, the beans were chosen by the Green Mountain Coffee Company for their Gombe Reserve Coffee.”

It can be ordered at the following webpage:

The Hardwood Forestry Fund is also proud to partner with JGI helping to preserve habitat for the chimpanzees and local population.

Forest Stewardship Council®

Marwood is certified to sell its wood products under the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC®  promotes good forest stewardship, by certifying the practices of those who harvest and sell timber products. This is just another way that Marwood Aims to being Eco Friendly in hopes of establishing sustainable hardwood forests.

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Architectural Woodwork Institute

Marwood is a member of the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI). The AWI represents nearly 4,000 members consisting of architectural woodworkers, suppliers, design professionals, and students from around the world. AWI has been the voice of the woodworking industry for more than half a century.

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