Rosewood, Santos – Quarters

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Scientific Name:  Machaerium spp.

Other names: Pau Ferro, Morado, Moradillo, and Bolivian Rosewood.

Source: Bolivia and Brazil.

Color:   Heartwood lustrous, chocolate brown, red, pink, dark violet, and black, often streaked with black.

Pattern:  Straight to irregular grain, medium fine to coarse textured. Often looks similar to Brazilian Rosewood. Occasionally it will have the interlocking “landscape” designs, mottle figure, as well as “ears”.

Characteristics:  Fine textured, Heavy, hard, compact, with small pores barely visible.

Uses:  Furniture flooring, cabinetwork, interiors, plywood, speaker cabinets, musical instruments, and specialty items.


Item ID: 6105

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6105 Log: 58450-2
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