Eucalyptus Veneer, Quarters

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Eucalyptus Veneer

G’day mate! Eucalyptus trees are originally from New Zealand and Austrailia. But, Eucalyptus Veneer is usually cultivated in today all over the world.

Colors of Eucalyptus have a large range! In fact, they can vary from a light color down to a purpleish tone. Because of the variety in this wood, it’s extremely versatile. In fact, it can be used for furniture and interior design, all of the way to railroad ties!

Quarter cut Eucalyptus Veneers get a shining striped veneer with a simple outer aspect by cutting log in quarters.

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Item ID: 2225
Species Name: Eucalyptus spp.
Other Names: In Australia the term gum is used loosely to mean any kind of Eucalyptus, of which are over 500 species have been identified.
Source: Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.
Color: Tan to light brown to light yellowish brown to dark yellowish brown.
Pattern: Variable, straight to ropy grained.

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ID # Description
2225 Log: 52723
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