Exotic Veneer Packs – For Skateboards and More – 10 x 36 inches

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Do you love creating custom-made skateboards? Decorate your custom-made skateboard with our beautiful decorative hardwood veneer packs.

This Wood Veneer is sliced at about 1/48 of an inch.  This veneer is perfect for decorating custom-made skateboards with natural unique wood species and designs. You can see some of the custom skateboard designs that have come out of Marwood on our website, as well!

When you purchase one of Marwood’s decorative hardwood veneer packs, you get 5 sheets of an assortment wood species. This hardwood veneer is also wonderful for craft projects, marquetry pictures, and inlay work.  Please click on the lot (Log) # below for current availability.

More lots available when you click the Skateboard Veneer Button, and then Decorative Veneer Packs button.

Or visit  https://www.marwoodveneer.com/products/skateboard-veneer-pack-10×36/  for more exotic selections, and the BUY NOW shopping cart option.

Item ID: 2228
Species Name: Decorative and Exotic Veneer Skateboard & Longboard Packs

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ID # Description
2228 Log: 1010-2
2228 Log: 7547-10
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