Marwood is a leading provider of domestic, imported, and FSC-certified HARDWOOD VENEERS for both the U.S. and overseas markets. Since 1955 we have been identifying customer needs, and searching the world over to satisfy their specifications. Domestic veneers are custom sliced at different mills. Exotic species are imported from around the world, with our current stock being over 60 different species. We also produce and import special hardwood lumbers.

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Marwood is a family owned and operated business that takes pride in its products and in its three generations of experience and excellence in the hardwood business. We travel the world in search of the best sources.

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Variety – Our website has hundreds of photos of different flitches and grades available in our warehouse. Our beautiful hardwood veneers will enhance your next project.
Photos and Samples – Please provide us with the details and quantity requirements of your needs, and we will be pleased to provide more photos, samples, and or pricing for your next project.