Marwood Veneer Hosts 2023 Rad Science Skateboard Build

June 12, 2023
Rad Science Skateboard Build Program

Since 2015, Marwood Veneer has hosted 3-day workshops for schools and community organizations who are interested in learning how to build skateboards.

The typical class size is 14 people and are 4 hours for each one-half day. Each Rad Science Skateboard Build is open to participants 11 years and older.

Classes include 2 teachers per day, materials, and equipment. The first two days are dedicated to building skateboards while the third day covers graphic design and art to decorate the boards.

In a recent example, Crawford County Schools in Indiana brought a small bus load of students to Marwood for a Rad Science Skateboard Build. Students became Makers and learned STEAM skills, while they were having fun creating their own custom boards. 14 Middle Schoolers used math skills and their imagination to Design, Engineer, and decorate their Skateboards and Longboards. Vacuum pressing, hydraulic pressing, maple veneer grades, bent lamination, truck alignments, bearings and more are taught in this 3 day workshop. In partnership with TALK (the Technology Association of Louisville, Kentucky), Marwood has taught 15 workshops over the last 8 years.

Pricing is currently $285 per participant, but subject to change.

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