Marwood Company Profile

Marwood is a leading provider of domestic, imported, and FSC-certified Hardwood Veneers for both the U.S. and overseas market. Since 1955 we have been identifying customer needs, and searching the world over to satisfy their specifications.  We are a family-owned and operated company that takes pride in its products and in its three generations of family experience in the business of fancy figured and exotic hardwoods. Among our specialties are American Burl veneers. Today Jim Martin and Lyman Martin manage the company.

Marwood originally concentrated on fine quality hardwoods located here in the Midwest, and then started importing veneers from around the world in 1965. Below are key reasons why hundreds of manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing and international companies choose Marwood for their veneer and lumber needs.

Quality – Our quality is of the highest international standards, and has been praised by top quality buyers from the U.S.A. and around the world. We have been importing quality hardwoods for many decades, and are knowledgeable about the different grades, colors, availabilities, and manufacturing qualities of many of the world’s finest exotic hardwoods.

Selection – Our inventory of 60 different exotic woods offers many unique grades, and a rainbow of colors.  Manufacturers of fine furniture, panels, cabinets, and architectural woodwork often consult with our staff about their needs.  Among our specialties are Anigre, Cypress (Regular and Reclaimed), Ebony, Elm Burl, Madrone Burl, Mahogany, Birdseye Maple, Mappa Burl, German Rift White Oak, Tineo, Walnut Burl, Walnut Quarters, Walnut Stump, and Wenge.

Service – Our staff strives to meet your requirements. After reviewing the customers’ requirements, different flitches are reviewed to best suit your needs. Photos and/or samples are sent out promptly. Call us to schedule a visit. We are conveniently located 20 minutes from the Louisville, Kentucky airport.


Call 812.288.8344 in Jeffersonville, Indiana for Jim Martin, Lyman Martin, Brett Bennett, Bobby Cummings, or Larry Verrick.

Call 336.887.1104 in High Point, North Carolina for Steve Smith.

Call 516.456.3598 in Holbrook, New York for Warren Albrecht.

Proud Partner of the Hardwood Forestry Fund.

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