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Rad Science Skateboard Build Program

Marwood Veneer Hosts 2023 Rad Science Skateboard Build

Since 2015, Marwood Veneer has hosted 3-day workshops for schools and community organizations who are interested in learning how to build skateboards. The typical class size is 14 people and are 4 hours for each one-half day. Each Rad Science Skateboard Build is open to participants 11 years and older. Classes include 2 teachers per […]

Kudos to the BoardSport Engineering Program at Cadillac High School, Michigan

Marwood Veneer Client Jason Stange, Industrial Engineering Teacher for 23 Years, Runs the 2-Year Old BoardSport Engineering Program, Cadillac High School, Michigan designed for 10-12th graders *Each BoardSport Engineering Program runs 12 weeks, twice during the in-school trimesters of the year. Question #1:  What inspired you to organize the program? Jason Stange at Cadillac High […]

Rad! Science Skateboard Build Class

Engineer your own Longboard or Skateboard! This class explains how design impacts skaters, utilizes mold shaping, bent wood lamination, and finishing work, to build a one-of-a-kind skateboard! Custom graphics and art decorations are optional for a 3rd Day, From 8:00 am to 1:00 pm each day, subject to change. Join now before spot fill up

Skateboarding Star Rides Skateboard

Skateboarding Star Rides Skateboard Created at Techfest 2017 Gabe Pfalzgraf, a skateboarding star, attended our Techfest build as an observer – but we had some extra veneer, so he was able to make his own board! Gabe was pleasantly suprised!! He handcrafted a 7-ply street deck using techniques we teach in our classes. Not only […]

Marwood Hosts Skateboard Build # 2

Marwood Hosts Skateboard Build # 2 at Techfest 2017 As part of TechFestLou, Marwood hosted a Rad Science Skateboard Build at the University of Louisville Engineering Garage on August 19th and 20th. With 17 participants and 5 observers in attendance, students and professors learned STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills that are necessary to […]

Skateboard Build Class at Louisville Central Community Centers

Skateboard Build Class at Louisville Central Community Centers During Jefferson County Public School’s Spring Break, Marwood was able to host another Rad Science Skateboard Build Class. Funded by the Mayor Summerworks Program, students were able to build, design, and shape their own boards using techniques taught by Marwood’s own, Martin Walsh. We loved partnering with […]

Make Your Own Skateboard and Longboard with Marwood Inc. in Jeffersonville Indiana

Marwood Hosts Another Skateboard Build

Dates: June 13 & 14 Monday & Tuesday 1:00 to 5:00 Lead Instructor: Martin Walsh Location: Marwood, Inc., Jeffersonville, Indiana Skill Level: Introductory Class Size: Minimum of 6; Maximum of 15 Learn to make your own skateboard or longboard in this class. You will learn to laminate maple veneers and use vacuum molding to custom […]

Skateboard Build Class Video filmed at the University of Louisville Techfest 2015

Skateboard Build Class Video Techfest 2015 Check out this great video from our collegue! Frank Byers, the Social Media Specialist at Woodcraft created this informative 23 minute video of the Skateboard Build Class at the University of Louisville. Marwood and Technology Association of Louisville hosted this in August of 2015. Check out the video below […]

Jeffersonville veneer company becoming household name in skateboard design

Marwood Inc., a Jeffersonville manufacturer, importer and exporter of hardwood veneer and lumber was founded 59 years ago, but it wasn’t until about two years ago that it entered the skateboard market. And in that time, the company has quickly vaulted to the forefront of the industry. read more!

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