Skateboarding Star Rides Skateboard

Marwood Veneer, Inc.
September 21, 2017

Skateboarding Star Rides Skateboard Created at Techfest 2017

Gabe Pfalzgraf, a skateboarding star, attended our Techfest build as an observer – but we had some extra veneer, so he was able to make his own board! Gabe was pleasantly suprised!! He handcrafted a 7-ply street deck using techniques we teach in our classes. Not only that, this J. Graham Brown School student learned about all of the science, technology, engineering, art, and math that goes into the manufacturing of skateboards. Gabe is an avid skateboarder who loves to shred at local skate parks. His father is working hard to renovate the skateboard park in New Albany and create a working piece of art. We think skateboards are working pieces of art themselves. Gabe was kind enough to send us a cool video of him putting his personal, handcrafted working piece of art to good use.


Check out Gabe, as he shows off his skills and new custom skateboard built during Techfest!


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