How can one injection cost $2.5 million? Why do the same medicines cost differently abroad and in the US? The main reason is local pharmacies in Jeffersonville, Indiana, which increase prices compared to online stores. Just compare it here to know the difference.

Westmoreland Pharmacy (Rank: 4.1) E 10th St, Jeffersonville, IN 47130, United States | (812) 284-6500

  • Susan, the pharmacist, and the owner called to let me know my elderly mother was ill when they delivered her monthly prescription. They went out of their way to contact her doctor and me to help her. Very kind people here!
  • Every month I faithfully come to pick up my prescription, you would figure that I wouldn’t have to call in the order it every time. But still, I go ahead and order it, and now while I’m in there, there is no line, but they are adamant about me waiting until 5 o’clock. Keep in mind there’s nobody else in line. Not only that, most pharmacies will let you pick up two days early, but because of this, I’ve been without my medication for three days now in Texas. It’s not even a narcotic; it’s just an anti-depressant! Ridiculous. The rest is Westmoreland Pharmacy is awesome, I love the staff, but the pharmacy and their staff sucks

ViaQX Pharmacy (Rank: 4.3) | 532 S 4th St, Louisville, KY 40202, United States | (502) 434-3122

  • I absolutely love Viaqx! I’m considered a regular now, and all the pharmacists are great, really kind, and understanding. Extremely personable too! Definitely recommend to anyone who is or in need to change pharmacy!
  • Clean, wide aisles. The staff doesn’t overwhelm you but are very helpful and efficient when you needed it. The only downfall is that they don’t have sales on the weekends. They never have the ice cream I love on sale on the weekends!! So easier just to buy enough to last when it’s on sale!!

Hanger Drugs (Rank: 4.4) Sparks Ave #1, Jeffersonville, IN 47130, United States | (812) 283-3591

  • My fiance uses this pharmacy, and we’ve never had any problems. The staff is always nice, and the service Is quick and easy. We live I’m Bogalusa but drive to Covington just to go to the medic shop lol. We love it, and being that it’s located right when you come into Covington makes it even more convenient lol.
  • We had our daughter’s prescription sent here, and when trying to pick up the medicine, we’re told her coverage has been canceled. Upon calling the insurance provider, we are told everything is in force, and there should be no issues. We go back to the pharmacy, and an annoyed worker says to call Hanger Drugs; there must be a problem on their end. Upon calling, they say everything is in force and call the pharmacy personally to verify. Their rep gets back on the line to inform me the pharmacy STILL couldn’t verify AND rushed her off the phone!!! I’m honestly not sure why the workers at this pharmacy are so disinclined to help, but at this point, I’ll call the Dr. in the morning to have the prescription sent elsewhere. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL ATTITUDES.

Meijer Pharmacy (Rank: 3.5) Allison Ln, Jeffersonville, IN 47130, United States | (812) 218-6610

  • Best pharmacy around. They have a very friendly and informative staff. They always go that extra mile to help you. I’m so thankful for them.
  • Sucks compared to Walgreens. No drive-thru. You’re forced to go into their huge store with giant lines and bad parking. I wish my insurance didn’t force to come here. The location is terrible (inside a Target). I don’t like Meijer Pharmacy as a company, either.

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