Custom Cutting – We custom cut burl and cluster logs into veneer on our 78 inch Rotary Lathe. Call Lyman Martin for a quote on peeling your next load of logs at 812- 288-8344 or email him at

Treating and Pressing – Marwood’s staff wants to serve your customer’s needs. Richard Turner has over 20 years of experience in treating and pressing many exotic veneers. Treating and pressing burls, crotches, and Rosewood have been developed from years of experience. We work meticulously with theses valuable veneers to insure customer satisfaction.

Samples – Call us for samples to determine the best flitch or flitches for your next project.  Location – Founded in 1955, Marwood is conveniently located 2 miles from Louisville, Kentucky. Call us at (812) 288-8344 to schedule a visit. Jim, Lyman, Richard, Ken, Larry, Bonnie, and the rest of our staff are eager to serve you.

Marwood has been actively involved in forestry and reforestation efforts for 20 years. We support the Hardwood Forestry Fund of Reston, Virginia, which has planted more than 2.5 million trees in 22 U.S. states and four foreign countries.

Planting projects require a management plan, harvest, and regeneration schedule. That way, we know the trees are cared for to provide future generations with healthy available resources.

If you want to help, call the Hardwood Forestry Fund at (703) 777-1358 or visit online at


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