Oak Veneer, Red 1/16″

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Item ID           5107


RED OAK VENEER 1/16 inch

Species Name: Quercus rubra

Source:  Throughout the eastern United States, especially in the Appalachians, Ohio, Kentucky.

Color:  Slightly redder tinge than white oak (though hard for an untrained eye to tell) and is more uniform in color.

Pattern:  Flake figure less prominent than white oak’s.

Characteristics:  Slightly coarser grain, with large, rounded, open pores.  A little easier to finish than white oak, though both are excellent.


Item ID: 5107
Log Number: 38823-2
Lengths: 122-124"
Widths: 16"
Grade / Notes: Bundles 19 thru 21
Quantity: 477
Unit: sf
Unit Price: $0.50
Total Price: $166.50
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