Maple Veneer, Rotary 1/16″- Skateboards, Furniture, and More

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Species Name        Acer saccharum

 Other Names:  Hard Maple, sugar maple, rock maple, hard rock maple, black maple, northern maple, Canadian maple.

 Source:  Great Lakes Region of the USA and Canada.

 Color:   Cream to light reddish-brown heartwood, thin white sapwood, tinged with reddish brown.

 Pattern:  Usually straight grained; fine textured.

 Characteristics:  Heavy, hard, tough, close-grained.

Uses:  Furniture, Seating, Longboards, Skateboards, Snowboards, interiors, cabinetwork, decorative veneer, jewelry, shelving,

Item ID: 3704
Log Number: 9.5x35
Cut: Rotary
Lengths: 35"
Widths: 9.5"
Grade / Notes: Face- 20 pieces, Crossband- 20 pieces, Core- 30 pieces for a total of 70 pieces.
Enough to make 10 boards using a 7 ply construction.
Call for the possibility of larger quantities, quantity price breaks, and different ply boards.
Packaging and Shipping Costs to be advised once order quantities are established.