Maple Veneer, Rotary 1/16″ & 1/20″ – Skateboards, Furniture, and More

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Species Name        Acer saccharum

 Other Names:  Hard Maple, sugar maple, rock maple, hard rock maple, black maple, northern maple, Canadian maple.

 Source:  Great Lakes Region of the USA and Canada.

 Color:   Cream to light reddish-brown heartwood, thin white sapwood, tinged with reddish brown.

 Pattern:  Usually straight grained; fine textured.

 Characteristics:  Heavy, hard, tough, close-grained.

Uses:  Furniture, Seating, Longboards, Skateboards, Snowboards, interiors, cabinetwork, decorative veneer, jewelry, shelving,

Item ID: 3704
Log Number: 12x45
Cut: Rotary
Lengths: 45"
Widths: 12"
Grade / Notes: Face- 20 pieces, Crossband- 20 pieces, Core- 30 pieces for a total of 70 pieces.
Enough to make 10 boards using a 7 ply construction.
Call for the possibility of larger quantities, quantity price breaks, and different ply boards.
Estimated Crate Dimensions 49x15x8
Packaging and Shipping Costs to be advised once order quantities are established.
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