Goncalo Alves Veneer – FC Tigerwood

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Item ID           2260



 (Astronium fraxinifolium)

Other Names:  Zebrawood – UK, tigerwood – USA,  Brazilian Koa, Muirtacatiara – Brazil  Source:   Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico.

Color:  Reddish-orange to a deep reddish brown background with dark vein striping, which give it a tiger-like look and richly mottled and with dark brown streaks and spots similar to rosewood.

Pattern:  Is fine to medium and uniform, with a fine grain, varying from straight to interlocked and wavy.

Characteristics:  Heavy, hard and dense.

Uses:  Furniture, turnings, cabinetwork, decorative veneer.

Item ID: 2260
Log Number: 1508 $0.54 psf
Lengths: 96-120"
Widths: 8-22"
Quantity: 3,928
Unit: sq ft
Unit Price: $0.54
Total Price: $2,121.12
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