Decorative Longboard Veneer Packs – 12 x 48 inches

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Decorate your custom made longboards with beautiful decorative hardwood veneers.

It is an assortment of different 5 sheets of woods, with 1 piece of each species.  These veneers are wonderful for craft projects, marquetry, and inlay work as well.

These veneer sheets come in 12 inches widths and 48 inch lengths.  Thickness is usually about 1/48 inch.

Species vary from pack to pack, and lot to lot. Please inquire for current species available and photos of them.

$9.10 per sheet


Item ID: 1865
Log Number: Lot # 7523-8
Lengths: 48"
Widths: 12"
Grade / Notes: 1 piece each of 5 Species as follows -
1. Figured Paldao Quarters (also known as Orientalwood or Australian Walnut);
2. Striped Tineo Quarters;
3. Cherry, plain sliced;
4. Poplar or Old Growth Sinker Cypress
5. Highly Figured Curly Maple
Species change from lot to lot or pack to pack. They are not always the same 5 species. Please inquire.
Quantity: 1
Unit: pack of 5 sheets
Thickness: 1/48"
Unit Price: 45.50
Total Price: $45.50
Packaging and Shipping Costs to be advised once order quantities are established.
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