Ebony Veneer – New / Mara

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Our Item ID    2000

EBONY VENEER, New Type – Amara

Common names:  Amara, Amarra, Red ebony.

Scientific Name: Diospyros Celebica.

Source:  Southeast Asia

Color:  Heartwood dark brown to black, streaked with bands of pink.

Pattern:  Straight grain to wavy or irregular, fine uniform texture.

Characteristics:  Heavy, hard, dense.

Uses:   cabinetwork, decorative veneer.

Link: https://www.wood-database.com/macassar-ebony/

Item ID: 2000
Log Number: 11
Cut: Quarter
Lengths: 92-120"
Widths: 3.9-4.8"
Grade / Notes: Nice Stripe. Bundles can be sold individually if from one end and an average grade.
Quantity: 1,067
Unit: SF
Thickness: 0.40 mm or 0.016" or 1/64"
Unit Price: $2.40
Total Price: $2,560.80
Packaging and Shipping Costs to be advised once order quantities are established.