Domestic Skateboard and Longboard Veneer Packs

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Decorate your custom made skateboards and longboards with beautiful U.S. hardwood veneers.

It is an assortment of 5 or 10 wood species.  These veneers are wonderful for craft projects, marquetry, and inlay work as well.

Currently our 5 piece packs have Cherry, Hickory, Curly Maple, Smoked Flaky Oak, and Figured Walnut

These veneer sheets come in 12 inches widths and 48 inch lengths.  Thickness is typically 1/45 inch


Item ID: 1865
Species Name: Domestic Skateboard and Longboard Veneer Packs
Uses: Skateboard faces, cores, and inlays

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ID # Description
1865 Log: 1010-2
1865 Log: 1010-4
1865 Log: 7282-1
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