Walnut Veneer, Plain Sliced

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Our Item ID: 7200


Juglans nigra

Common Names:  Black Walnut

Source:  Eastern USA and Southern Canada

Color: Sapwood whitish to yellowish-brown to rich chocolate-brown will darken when steamed; heartwood light gray-brown to rich chocolate-brown to deep purplish-brown

Pattern:  Straight to interlocked or curly, wavy grained; medium to coarse textured.

Characteristics:  Moderately heavy, hard, strong.

Uses:  Furniture, cabinetwork, interiors, floorings, turnings, novelties, gunstocks, decorative veneer.


Item ID: 7200
Log Number: 80095 16'1 TO 16'5" LONG
Lengths: 16'1-16'5"
Widths: 17-21"
Quantity: 5084
Unit: sf
Unit Price: .95
Total Price: $4,829.80
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