Ash Burl Veneer, Olive

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Ash Burl Olive

Ash Burl Olive

Ash Burl Olive Veneer has STRIKING attributes. Although a burl is a “deformed” tree growth, it truly is a beautiful detail. Burl growths are caused by some kind of stress, such as injury, virus, fungus, insect infestation or mold growth, which makes it pretty easy to relate to a tree with burl growths. In fact, it’s a beautiful feature when something so unbelievably beautiful is born out of hardship. If you’re looking for a wood that will tell a story, this is it.


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Item ID: 1200
Species Name: Fraxinus excelsior
Other Names: European Ash Burl, White Ash Burl (sapwood)
Source: Europe, North Africa, Western Asia, and the U.K.
Color: Creamy pale tan with dark brown and black in the heartwood
Pattern: straight grain, coarse, with an even texture
Characteristics: Heavy in weight, hard, strong, stiff, high shock resistance, and excellent bending qualities.
Uses: Cabinetwork, furniture, interiors, sports goods, handles, and decorative veneer

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