Teak Veneer

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Teak Veneer

As you may know, Teak Veneer is often used in the Marine Industry due to the natural oils in the wood serving as a water repellent. Get nautical with our six flitches of veneer featured on this page! Thus, these logs are perfect for marine furniture or paneling on your customers’ favorite yachts. We “figured” you’d like the looks of log # 20785 due to its large quantity and elegant figure. Call us today for a quote! Offered subject to prior sale.

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Item ID: 6700
Species Name: Tectona grandis
Other Names: Burma Teak, Genuine Teak, Rangoon Teak, and Teak Veneer.
Source: Burma, India, and Southeast Asia. Plantations have been developed in Tropical America and Africa.
Color: Yellowish to golden brown to dark brown, with dark chocolate streaks that usually fade with age.
Pattern: Sometimes with mottle figure.
Characteristics: Strong, tough, and oily. Except for oiliness, it is much like Walnut.
Uses: Paneling, furniture, floors, and ship decking.

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ID # Description
6700 Log: 1159
6700 Log: 2009
6700 Log: 2032
6700 Log: 3133
6700 Log: 15220785
6700 Log: 15220187
6700 Log: 88945-2
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