Maple, 1/16″ Color Dyed

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Species Name        Acer saccharum

 Other Names:  Hard Maple, sugar maple, rock maple, hard rock maple, black maple, northern maple, Canadian maple.

 Source:  Northwest USA, Lake states, Canada.

 Color:   Cream to light reddish-brown heartwood, thin white sapwood, tinged with reddish brown.

 Pattern:  Usually straight grained; fine textured.

 Characteristics:  Heavy, hard, tough, close-grained.

Uses:  Furniture, flooring, interiors, cabinetwork, decorative veneer.

Add Beauty to your Skateboards, Longboards, and Other Items

Face Grade Maple Veneer is available in colors of Blue, Pinkish Purple, and Black. These can be used as tops plies for skateboards, top and bottom plies for skateboards, or as outer and inner plies.  Skateboard decks are typically made with 7 layers of Hard Maple Veneer. You can mix these sheets in with Natural Colored Maple.

These packs are also great for making decorative jewelry, colored shelving, photo boards, door knobs, cutting boards and more.

Item ID: 3702
Log Number: 7245-2C 12 x 48 Core Grade 20 pieces at $4.60 each Black
Lengths: 48.0
Widths: 12.0
Grade / Notes: Cores.
Color: Black
Minimum order is 20 pieces @ $4.60 each = $92.00
1 piece = 4.00 square feet
20 pieces = 80 square feet = $1.15 per square foot.
Quantity: 20
Unit: pcs
Unit Price: 4.60
Total Price: $92.00
Packaging and Shipping Costs to be advised once order quantities are established.