Butternut Veneer

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Butternut Veneer

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Butternut Veneer is known as a “soft” hardwood. Additionally, it creates a warm look that will really “butter up” and finish your wood projects. Butternut trees are known to be used to create sap, harvest nuts, and of course – beautiful veneer. Just like butter, this veneer’s straight grain offers a soft look. Thus, it’s used to create some of the finest architectural paneling.

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Item ID: 1600
Species Name: Juglans cinerea
Other Names: White Walnut
Source: North Ventral States
Color: Warm buttery tan
Pattern: Satiny wood with leafy grain.
Characteristics: Soft to medium textured with occasional small dark spits in some flitches.
Uses: Fine architectural installations, general wall paneling, and furniture.

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1600 Log: 791
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