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Afromosia Hardwood Veneer

Afromosia Hardwood Veneer

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Afromosia Hardwood Veneer is a softwood, but has hardwood characteristics. This makes it a great choice for cabinetry and other options. In addition, it is used for boat interiors, because the wood repels water. In fact, some refer to Afromosia as African Teak. It grows in Africa’s dry forests. Furthermore, Afromosia is ideal for architects and designers who are in the marine industry. Get to work on creating furniture and paneling for your customers’ favorite yachts!

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Item ID: 1020
Species Name: Pericopisis elata
Other Names: Okrodua and "African" Teak
Source: West Africa
Color: Yellow darkens on exposure to deep orange-brown
Pattern: Grain straight to interlocked and some rope. Resembles Teak and is not oily.
Characteristics: Heavy, dense, and durable.
Uses: Flooring, furniture, exterior and interior uses, cabinetwork, and decorative veneer. The deep honey color and linear grain of the Afromosia will bring balance and warmth to your next project.

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