Rosewood, Brazilian

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Item ID           6000


Scientific Name: Dalbergia Nigra

Other names: Jacarand, Rio Rosewood, Bahia Rosewood

Source: Brazil’s Atlantic Coast Forest

Color:   Various shades of dark brown, orange, salmon, chocolate, to violet; conspicuous black streaks.

Pattern:  Streaks of dark brown or black pigment lines

Characteristics:  Rather large pores are exceedingly irregular both in size and position.

Uses:  Furniture, cabinetwork, panels, and musical instruments.

Status: Brazilian rosewood is listed in CITES Appendix I, which is the most restrictive appendix, and also includes finished products made of the wood. Pre-Cites stock can still be traded in the U.S. without restrictions, but exporting it requires CITES permits.


Item ID: 6000
Log Number: NN - Layer 1
Lengths: 41-102"
Widths: 8-10"
Grade / Notes: Singles Bundles Numbered 1 through 5. Total of 58 sheets. Measurement Tally available on Request
Quantity: 249
Unit: sq. feet
Unit Price: $0.50
Total Price: $124.50
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